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What to Expect

Appointments generally last about 60 minutes   An extensive history is taken during the initial consultation.   Then, based on the history and physical examination, a combination of acupuncture, herbal medicines, nutritional supplements and food therapy are generally recommended.  The needles are set in the animal (inserted) and adjustments are made as necessary.  Needles are left in for variable times:  perhaps 10 minutes for older or very weak animals, 30 minutes or longer in young, strong animals.  Of course, the limiting factor is the animal’s willingness to cooperate!  Generally, they may feel a very tiny prick when the needle is inserted, and sometimes a duller, deeper, brief sensation (known as Deqi) when the needle hits the acupuncture point.  Most animals relax and actually seem to enjoy the experience after the needles are in.

The animal’s health history in Chinese Medicine is a very important part of the examination and requires as much detail as possible.  The Initial History Questionnaire can be downloaded from this website and filled out while you have the time to reflect upon your animal’s unique issues.

Blood work and lab results are helpful tools in proper diagnosis and treatment.  It is a good idea to have a copy of these results for Dr. Sayre to review at the appointment.

The duration of treatment depends on the problem and the individual.  For instance, a young horse with an injury leading to lameness may need 4-6 weekly acupuncture treatments until the lameness has resolved.  An older dog with seizures or endocrine issues will probably require multiple food changes throughout the illness, one or two Chinese herbs, and a lifetime of acupuncture sessions.  The “usual” is somewhere in between these two extremes.

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